Who Brings Out the Best in You?

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The person who brings out the best in my life is Joseph Zhang. He is our band’s conductor.

He teach us not just music also teach us how to be people. In China, most top school have band in school but the bad thing is they have wrong ideas, means in school the band just play two or one son in the year cause they need to prepare competition they want to win it, it also happen in my middle school, that is so boring, they aren’t enjoy the music, even you don’t know what the feeling of this song, what are you need to expression, just play lots of time, remember the song!! But in Guangzhou Young Symphonic Band, the conductor has different ideas of play music for fun, for enjoyment, for learn, for improving yourself.

My first time came audition when I was in middle school. At that time, my just have basics skill, I can said I didn’t know everything, but conductor gave me a chance, he said if you don’t try how can you know you can progress? So I still in band B, some time I can’t follow it or have some problems of skill, he will help us if we ask him. Also he will invite others musician come to our band to give us some view let us know more and more things with music. Also he gives us different music score to let us feel music and improve our skill. So in their, I learn and I improve.

Music can change life also music can’t get money to measure. That is they most important things that Joseph teaches us. Within your ability to help more people! He not just help our band he also help in other band which school haven’t enough money let kids learn instrument. He helps people to improve.


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Who Brings Out the Best in You?

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By Joe

My mother is my hero. In my junior high school, I often learn bad lessons to sleep. In junior three I started to work of the study and review before,  My mother said I know you don’t know a lot of homework. But you just know what should you do. Finally, I know what I want, I want to go abroad. So I study very hard. Even study all night. The end I join in this school.

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A Friend that I Miss

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I met this girl in the first semester in my middle school.  In my memory, she love smile same as me. Our friendship began with an English book. She was in class 8 and I was in class 7. Time flew and we became very good friends. We went to school together, taking the same class, had same bag, even our cups were same. She and I did everything together.  We also have same hobby. I still remember, my teacher doesn’t like that I played with her. Because she made people think she wasn’t is a good girl. She got a tattoo when she was 14. However, she had very good GPA.

From the first year in our middle school until the last year. We both have very amazing experience together. I love tell her everything and we also got though together in the worst time in our school time. When time need to chose a high school, we had same list to school….. She also put XJ on her list.

At last, she had 60 points more than me and we went to different high schools. After our high school began, we less and less community. Now it’s been three years in high school, I think we just had 3 times call. Every time she said i will call you later or let’s find a time to hang out together, but she haven’t achieved. She totally forgot my birthday.

I know she will go to American like me in my another friend. I was so surprised. What!!!! She didn’t tell me that. I asked her, and know she will go to community college as me. However, she will go to language school first. She doesn’t know anything about the American college system. I told her before what i am studying and my plan. Actually, if she talked with me before I would 100 percent like to help her. Seems like she forgot or doesn’t remember. I really feel the distance between us. I am really upset and every time I think about this I felt like my heart is hurting. I want her back, the girl who friendly like my sister in middle school back. Now, I think it is impossible. 😦

One of the famous singer in Hong kong sings a song and it said, lost a best friend is more painful than broke up with boyfriend.

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Write a sentence that summarizes each year of your life

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Ranee and . . . ?

by Ranee

I studied speaking when I was 1 year old.

I studied crawling when I was 2 years old.

I studied walk when I was 3 years old. I studied write my name when I was 4 years old.

I studied read book when I was 5 years old. I studied in the primary school when I was 6 years old.

I tried to ride bicycle in my plot when I was 7 years old.

I wrote journal every day when I was 8 years old.

I was 9 years old when I help my mother do housework.

I began to learn the piano in my ten years old.

I learned swimming in my 11 years old.

I graduated from primary school when I was twelve.

I studied in middle school when I was thirteen.

I began to learn physics in my middle school when I was fourteen.

I studied hard to get good scores in my final exam when I was fifteen.

I met my new classmates in high school when I was sixteen.

I was seventeen, and I went to America to study American History.

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