A cool Chinese movie is Tangshan Earthquake. This movie told about a family of Tangshan earthquake, it happened in 1976. A lot of people lost their families, houses and money in this earthquake. They cried and never forgot that time. Buildings fell down, people’s cry for helped and the sky with rain or covered with dark clouds. However, the actor lost his one hand and his mother was sad about she lost her husband and daughter. But, the actor’s mother didn’t know that her daughter didn’t die in the earthquake. She lived in the world. The actress hated her mother because her mother saved the actor not her. After that, the actor was a boss when he grew up and the actress lived in other country. In 2008, Sichuan had a big earthquake and actor and actress went to help the people. As a result, they met, and the actress met her mother and back home.


by Ranee

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