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A modern BEST double decker bus

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If I have a restaurant, I want to call it “carcar”. My Chinese second name is “Che”, it mean car, then I love car very much, so I want give my restaurant this name. I think this restaurant look like a double-decker bus, not real bus, just a building like bus, people can eat at 1st floor and 2nd floor. The design in the building will look like bus too. The menu will not expensive, any people can eat them and enjoy the restaurant.

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What are three jobs you’d like to do if money didn’t matter?

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I’d like to become a pharmacist, statistician, or accountant in the future. First, I want to be a pharmacist because of I want to research medicine to help some people. Second, I like math and become a pharmacist need to statistics to help, so I want to be a statistician. Third, I will study accounting to manage my father’s company in the future.

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If Money Didn’t Matter, What Jobs Would I Do


Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

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If money doesn’t matter,I prefer to do these three jobs–gourmet, wrtter and housewife.
The reason why I choose this three works is I am too lazy,I don’t feel like to work.If I am a gourmet,I can taste the most delicious foods in the world and don’t have to pay for it.

If I am a writer, I can stay in my home everyday, and I just have to write something.

And if I am a housewife, I just want to go shopping and to take care of my family, it’s very enjoyable. Now, do you think this three works are very easy and good?

by Tinny

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For each year you’ve been alive write a sentence that summarizes each year of your life


The 1st year, my parents were sick so my grandparents took care of me, and I learned how to walk and speak.

The 2nd year, my parents took me to their store and I spent my time there day by day.

The 3rd year, I began to kindergartenand stay with other children.

My High School

The 4th year, I liked to play with my kindergarten’s teachers because they always gave me some gifts.

The 5th year, I took part in kindergarten’s poem club.

The 6th year, I graduated from that kindergarten.

The 7th year, I began to have classes in elementary school.

The 8th year, I take part in school’s glee club.

The 9th year, I changed my class from 1 to 12.

The 10th year, I became a president assistance after I won the essay competition.

The 11th year, my mum began to pick me up by car.

The 12th year, I graduate from my elementary school and go to YuCai experimental school.

The 13th year, my first time to have military training in my middle school and I didn’t do very well in my study.

The 14th year, I began to keep my hair and it became longer and longer.

The 15th year, I studied hard to prepare the graduation examination.

The 16th year, I began to study in XJ high school.

The 17th year, I am getting ready for study abroad.

By Ario

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What are three jobs you’d like to do if money didn’t matter?


Ensalada gourmet

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1. Traveler. This job is very comfortable and enjoy. You just need to travel all over the world, enjoy the food and learn cultural, in the end you just need to write something about the travel.

2. Gourmet. This job can eat many famous and delicious foods.

3. Collector. I like car, watch and shoe very much, so if money didn’t matter, I want buy many cars, watches and shoes; also I need to buy a big house to put them.

by Cindy

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You Are Candy Corn

Your Halloween personality is whimsical, colorful, and creative.
You see Halloween as a time to get your creative juices flowing.

Each year, Halloween can’t start soon enough for you.You tend to go all out for Halloween. You decorate like crazy and always dress up.

Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

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