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Please Vote for Me is a documentary on the first time a Chinese elementary school has an election for a class monitor. In China, from primary – tertiary school each class has a monitor, who leads, reprimands, organizes and if need be rats on his or her classmates. This role in a class and sometimes these children develop good leadership skills and sometimes they just flounder in their own disorganization. In any event, taking on the position looks good on a resume.

The documentary maker hales from Wuhan and over time spoke to the school about making a film. So Evergreen Elementary School in Wuhan embarks on this democratic experiment with kids who have no idea what democracy is. It’s captivating to see the crooked roads the students often take urged on by their parents. There’s no smoked filled back rooms, but that’s not necessary to rig an election we soon see.

The teachers select three candidates: one’s been Class Monitor for two terms already, then there’s a cute, rather docile girl and jocular, yet shrewd boy. In the lead up to voting the candidates must participate in a talent show and a debate or rather ad hominem attack contest, and give a final speech.

More often than not, the race gets negative and kids start crying. Sometimes most of the class is in tears. What struck me was how the teacher just smiled through the drama never trying to teach a lesson in fairness or counsel a candidate to be more respectful. There really was no educational consequence for running a smear campaign.

You will see who wins and I’ll just say it’s the kid I liked the least. I wondered why a school in one party China would attempt this. By the end I thought, this experiment is sure to cure anyone with a desire to make the country more democratic. By making an election, a painful childhood memory, few Chinese will choose that form of government when they’re older.

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you can see the film on YouTube.

Who Brings Out the Best in You?

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The person who brings out the best in my life is Joseph Zhang. He is our band’s conductor.

He teach us not just music also teach us how to be people. In China, most top school have band in school but the bad thing is they have wrong ideas, means in school the band just play two or one son in the year cause they need to prepare competition they want to win it, it also happen in my middle school, that is so boring, they aren’t enjoy the music, even you don’t know what the feeling of this song, what are you need to expression, just play lots of time, remember the song!! But in Guangzhou Young Symphonic Band, the conductor has different ideas of play music for fun, for enjoyment, for learn, for improving yourself.

My first time came audition when I was in middle school. At that time, my just have basics skill, I can said I didn’t know everything, but conductor gave me a chance, he said if you don’t try how can you know you can progress? So I still in band B, some time I can’t follow it or have some problems of skill, he will help us if we ask him. Also he will invite others musician come to our band to give us some view let us know more and more things with music. Also he gives us different music score to let us feel music and improve our skill. So in their, I learn and I improve.

Music can change life also music can’t get money to measure. That is they most important things that Joseph teaches us. Within your ability to help more people! He not just help our band he also help in other band which school haven’t enough money let kids learn instrument. He helps people to improve.


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What have you learned of great value?

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I have learned in ESL class was the reading skill and how to find some information of college in the internet. Using internet and compare these colleges’ differences and what’s the best college for me or my friends. The school environment, course and tuition what is the best. Also, my reading skill was increasing and makes us know the different stories in the world. In January, I will leave school and home to go to America. In that time, I learned many skills for go abroad. For example how to find apartment, apply to schools and learn. All of things must by us in America. We must take care and study hard.


By Ranee

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http://media.storybird.com/embedplayer/bin/StoryplayerEmbed.swfThe perseverance love is formed at last on Storybird

Here’s a story by an S1 student.

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Love is Not Blind

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Love is Not Blind is a very hot movie recently.  This was a story about a very hard period for a girl who broke  up with her boyfriend who have been together for 7 years. Her boyfriend falls in love with the girl’s bestf riend.This period continued for 33 days. During this period, the girl thinks a lot and many things happen made her really thought why those things happened. The boy on the poster is her colleague. They used be enemies. However, all of the things change during that period.

In this movie, those two actors have their our personalities. Beacuse of that, it pushes this story in a special situation. I can image how hurt to break up with a boy who I really love. However, boyfriend not the everything. This movie said, love is not blind. That’s right! The last part of this movie was about a old couple. The husband wants to get his beautiful a white wedding dress and take pictures for their golden wedding. Unfortunatly, his wife is gone before that. At the last of the movie, the director interviews many people from different place about their love. Most of them cried, just like in our art class said their relinquish power.

This movie let me think a lot. Love is not blind and also when the love is coming we need to cherish. After I watched this movie,i think my heart is stronger than before. So, in the furure even if I break up with my boyfriend I know how to help myself to go though the hard time.

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Romantic Season

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If I own a restaurant, I will call ” Romantic Season” because I hope that in every season, people would find a true love.
The foods are not expensive. I would like my restaurant’s colors are silver and white. There is a small stage, people would sing a song or play piano for their friends. The restaurant has many white table in the outside, guests would drink, watch the people walking and scenery.

by Katherine

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