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Since September, I have learned don’t be quiet to ask any questions, I have learned be positive, I have learned must more think.

When I was a senior 2 student, I was always quiet to ask any question to teacher my I very know all the knowledge? That is the question I ask myself before. Sometimes I just don’t know how to ask this question in English so I give up; sometimes I just afraid it so I give up again. Thinks those reasons is it a good reasons that make me have an explain which is don’t ask question? No!! If you don’t know any things think about it and ask questions, change the question to answers, don’t give up. That is first thing of great value I learned.

Second is be positive, here is college, you are the student, is you need to learn nobody compel you. So must to be positive, need to push yourself to solve the problem, to finish the job, bring the intense emotion to life.

Third is must more think, to be honest I still can’t think deep on the things, so I will keep thinking, think more, consider more.

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