The great value since September is art. I like art and I want to learn more about art, so when I have this class, I felt very exciting. In this art class, I know many interesting artwork and artist. How amazing they thought, how surprise they mark. Every time after I watch art video, I felt unbelievable. I need to learn art because I want to be a designer, art is basic in design. The other class is vocabulary class, I learn and remember many words in this class, once a week take a quiz is good for me.
2) Describe and write about the person who brings out the best in you? In other words, who challenges you to be your best by their very life?

My childhood teachers taught me when you do something should step by step. This reason helps me all the time. When I feel irritable with something, I will repeat this reason and do it step by step. For example, when I need to play a song on important festival, I must cut the song accurate, so I do this work all day, when I want to give up, I told myself, this is important work, you have to do that and everyone need you to do that. That’s why I can persist to do.

By Cindy