If I owned a restaurant, I would like to use Disney theme. The name will be “Happiest” because Disney always brings pleasure to people.

The foods in my restaurant are very special. I’d use all the character modeling. I went to three different Disney theme parks almost ten times. I ate in Disneyland more than ten times. The food at Disney, not matter Disneyland or Disney world. They’ll have same problem. The choices are too limited. Custom can’t deeply enjoy the food. So, in my “Happiest” restaurant have many different kinds food get customer to choice. Not only American food, but also food from all the world. ( The Epcot center in Orlando Disney world have a lot of different countries’ food. However, it is TERRIBLE!! )

The food in Disney are expensive especially in Hongkong Dineyland. So, I won’t make the food in my restaurant expensive. Just a little bit higher than the cost. The purpose I open this restaurant is can let more people enjoy the pleasure that Disney gives.

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