Love is Not Blind is a very hot movie recently.  This was a story about a very hard period for a girl who broke  up with her boyfriend who have been together for 7 years. Her boyfriend falls in love with the girl’s bestf riend.This period continued for 33 days. During this period, the girl thinks a lot and many things happen made her really thought why those things happened. The boy on the poster is her colleague. They used be enemies. However, all of the things change during that period.

In this movie, those two actors have their our personalities. Beacuse of that, it pushes this story in a special situation. I can image how hurt to break up with a boy who I really love. However, boyfriend not the everything. This movie said, love is not blind. That’s right! The last part of this movie was about a old couple. The husband wants to get his beautiful a white wedding dress and take pictures for their golden wedding. Unfortunatly, his wife is gone before that. At the last of the movie, the director interviews many people from different place about their love. Most of them cried, just like in our art class said their relinquish power.

This movie let me think a lot. Love is not blind and also when the love is coming we need to cherish. After I watched this movie,i think my heart is stronger than before. So, in the furure even if I break up with my boyfriend I know how to help myself to go though the hard time.

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