A Must-See Movie

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by Tinny

I have a good movie that I think teenagers around the world should know about. It’s name is -“King of comedy.” It’s about a small potato who through his own efforts to suceed. He wanted to be a famous actor when he was a child, but he didn’t got a chance for a long time; he didn’t give up. At the end he became a famous actor and met his wife.

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A Good Friend that I Miss

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by Cindy

She is my best friend in my childhood, younger than me. She lives in my hometown and I just can meet her twice a year, it’s too short to play, when I come back, we always have gifts to each other, and we can talk whole day. She is happy, shy, kind-hearted and nice girl. When we play game, she is very clever and always helps me. When we have some troubles, she can think good idea to solve.

So, I miss her very much.