The 1st year, my parents were sick so my grandparents took care of me, and I learned how to walk and speak.

The 2nd year, my parents took me to their store and I spent my time there day by day.

The 3rd year, I began to kindergartenand stay with other children.

My High School

The 4th year, I liked to play with my kindergarten’s teachers because they always gave me some gifts.

The 5th year, I took part in kindergarten’s poem club.

The 6th year, I graduated from that kindergarten.

The 7th year, I began to have classes in elementary school.

The 8th year, I take part in school’s glee club.

The 9th year, I changed my class from 1 to 12.

The 10th year, I became a president assistance after I won the essay competition.

The 11th year, my mum began to pick me up by car.

The 12th year, I graduate from my elementary school and go to YuCai experimental school.

The 13th year, my first time to have military training in my middle school and I didn’t do very well in my study.

The 14th year, I began to keep my hair and it became longer and longer.

The 15th year, I studied hard to prepare the graduation examination.

The 16th year, I began to study in XJ high school.

The 17th year, I am getting ready for study abroad.

By Ario

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