Tell us about your self. Answer these questions:

Least favorite colors:  I hate dark yellow.

What are you listening to:  I like listen to pop music.

Are you happy with your life right now:  Yes,I am.

What’s your favorite class in school:    My favorite class is English.

Can you cross your eyes:   No, I can’t.

Do you know how to swim:  Yes, I do.

Do you like roller coasters:   No, I don’t like roller coasters.

Do you cry when you get an injury:   Yes, I do.

Do certain songs make you cry:   Yes, they do.

Have you Ever?

Have you ever been on a plane: Yes, I have been on a plane.

Have you ever been to the ocean: Yes, I have been to the ocean.

Have you ever really cried your heart out: No, I haven’t.

Have you ever cried on your friend’s shoulder: Yes, I have.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried: NO, I haven’t.

Have you ever cried in school: Yes, I have.

Have you ever wanted to be a model: Yes,I have.

Have you ever done something really stupid that you still laugh about:
Yes, I have.

Have you ever seen a dead body: Yes, I have.

Short or long hair: I have short hair but I want to have a long hair.

By Katherine