Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Legs, Feet

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Chicken Feet

Feet or legs, that’s what Cee’s asking bloggers to share this week. I’m sharing this delicacy. I’ve tried these once but there’s a lot of cartilage.

Mural Mondays

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One of my most favorite murals, I saw this book case in Tirana. The author whose photo is on the right is Albanian writer, Ishmael Kadare. I’m not sure of the others. If you’d like to see more murals, visit Sami’s Colourful World.

Silent Sunday

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Sepia Saturday: Trains


This week Sepia Saturday challenge is trains. Here’s what I found at the Library of Congress.

Train. , None. [Between 1909 and 1940] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2016823173/.

The Woman’s Campaign Train for Hughes

Bain News Service, Publisher. Woman’s Train. 1916. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2014702915/.

I wondered who Charles Evans Hughes was and learned that as a lawyer he rooted out corruption. He was the governor of New York, an unsuccessful Presidential candidate, associate justice of the US Supreme Court and Secretary of State. Quite accomplished.

Marian S. Carson Collection, West & Waddell, photographer. Train Going West Through Cut. Pennsylvania, None. [Bradford, pa.: photographed by west & waddell, between 1860 and 1890] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2017650706/.

Which Way Challenge

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Pilsen, Chicago

My post for Alive and Trekking’s challenge this week.

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday Murals

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Korçë, Albania Don’t ask me what this means, but I saw it in Albania. If you want to see more murals, which probably are easier to understand, click …

Monday Murals

Silent Sunday

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CMMC: Amber

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Shandong Art Museum, Jinan

My Amber post for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. (Yes, it’s late.)

Sepia Saturday: Gifts


My images this week were inspired by the photo on the left.

Newell, Peter, Artist, and Copyright Claimant P.F. Collier & Son Corporation. Roman Presenting Gift to Woman in Modern Dress Watched by Crowd of People Dressed in Costumes from Other Ages. Rome, ca. 1901. 1897. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2010717300/.

Kilburn, B. W. Grandma’s Present. , ca. 1897. Littleton, N.H.: B.W. Kilburn. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/95503314/.

Odd. Do you agree?

Chip, Artist. The Lord loveth a cheerful giver. , None. [Between 1880 and 1894] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2016678286/.

Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee, I’d order a rich hot chocolate for maximum hygge on this cold day. We’d also be by a roaring fire.

I’d ask you what you’re reading and tell you I’m reading a Nancy Drew book, The Red and the Black, which I’m finally getting into, and Colton Whitehead’s Underground Railroad. The latter is for my book club which meets next Saturday.

My fairly new tradition is to visit beautiful churches while the Christmas decorations are up. Saturday a friend and I went to St. Ita’s in Edgewater. She’d never been to this church that was built in the 1920s.

St. Ita’s

After church we went to Cafe Beograd. We’d never been there. I chose it because they have Balkan food and I thought it might have some Albanians food. It turns out that they just have Serbian food, which is Balkan and it didn’t measure up to the food I’d had in Albania. The restaurant was out of the way and though there was a convivial service and atmosphere, it doesn’t make sense to return.

St. Paul’s Three Kings

Since Christmas and New Year’s were on Sunday, there weren’t many chances for me to drive around the city to visit churches. I didn’t have to but I also when to St. Paul’s in Pilsen on on January 6, Epiphany, a.k.a. Little Christmas. Many Latinos live in Pilsen and Epiphany is a big holiday with this community. A happy accident for me.

St. Paul’s is a 19th century treasure designed by Henry Stack. The neighborhood was German at the time and Stack couldn’t get a general contractor to take on this elaborate project so he fulfilled that role himself. The people in the neighborhood built it themselves.

My friend Phil tipped me off to a clever sitcom called Upstart Crow, which is a Renaissance family comedy focused on William Shakespeare’s family. No one appreciates this now revered playwright. I streamed it on Kanopy, a service I get for free from my library.

To see more Coffee Shares, click here to get to Natalie’s blog. You’ll see some cute Ancient Greek gods when you’re there.

Which Way Challenge: A Sign


A curious sign at Gjirokastër Castle

Yes, there’s a real cannon on the plot of land right by this sign.

If you want to see more roads, trails, streets, signs, maps, rivers, highways, byways, etc., click here to get to Alive and Trekking.

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